Nowhere Festival | Visual Identity

A brand identity created for the fictional Nowhere Festival, an event combining art, music, and food into one creative and entertaining space. I wanted the identity to feel refreshing and clean, but with a sense of adventure. I kept the color palette minimal to keep the focus on the illustrative logotype and system that I designed (based off the idea of an aimless wandering trail to 'nowhere'), save for a brilliant "Nowhere Indigo" color that forms the backbone of much of the branded material.

This gif shows how I actually created the logo, which is built along a sin-curve grid.

Secondary versions of the logo use just the "N" from the original. 

Two series of posters (graphic and photographic) created for the festival.

The advantage of using a fun and loopy logomark is that I could create unique patterns like this.

The pattern could then be applied to other material, such as festival tickets. 

Press passes and wristbands also made use of the Nowhere pattern.

Wayfinding iconography was done using the same single monoline style as the logo. 

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