The Board | Visual Identity

The Board is a social club for the modern young professional. Based in NYC, members of The Board are invited to attend a variety of events year-round, including mixers, lectures, and screenings, and network with industry professionals and fellow members alike. A large part of The Board's mission focuses on helping members with financial literacy and independence while also providing a space for them to make friends and connections amidst the craziness of the city. I got the opportunity to design the brand identity and toolkit for The Board ahead of their Summer 2021 launch, to help put a sophisticated face to the name of this ambitious startup. 

The logo, inspired by the seals of traditional social clubs, was designed on a hexagonal grid that forms the basis of several elements of the identity.

The modernized seal depicts a handshake as a representation of The Board's commitment to community and new connections on a professional and personal level. 

The Board brand toolkit comprises guidelines for all base elements of the identity.

The toolkit includes guidelines on seasonal palettes that use select brand palette swatches to curate an appropriate look and feel for any time of the year on social and other promotional assets.

Brand iconography is built using the same grid as the logo for consistency and a bespoke feel. However, icons are differentiated from the logo with a knockout fill.

Aside from basic iconography needs, the brand icon library includes custom icons for broad topics such as Finance or Wellness that may be covered in blog posts or events. 

The custom icons come into play in banners such as these for various blog posts on the brand's website.

The first of two pattern swatches created for the board. The hexagonal shape from the logo and icons is used once again to create a versatile honeycomb pattern that speaks to the community/"hive" aspect of a social club while also feeling on-brand.

The second of the two pattern swatches. The honeycomb pattern overlaps to create another visual element that can be used on digital and print assets.

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