WW | Get Walking Kit by WW x NewBalance

During my second year at WW, I was the lead designer on our collaboration project with NewBalance, the Get Walking Kit. Available to members for purchase, the kit combined a pair of NewBalance shoes with WW gear. I designed the packaging for this kit (not including the components, which were pre-existing WW products) and digital/printed companion guide, and later supported my art director on the promotional campaign and brand activation. 

Selected moodboards from the front-of-pack (FOP) exploration. These selections were developed into a series of FOP options (see next). 

Selected FOP options for the kit packaging. I explored a variety of design routes based on my moodboards.

The final design eventually selected was definitely the safest and on-brand option, but hey, that's corporate. The rest of the collateral was designed based on the packaging.

Early sketches for the Get Walking Guide (see next). The guide featured content about walking for weight loss, recipes, and tips on exercise and footwear.

Visually, the guide had to bring together the brand voices of the two partners while also feeling connected to the outer packaging. The angle in the recurring color blocking element is based on that of the New Balance logo, while the colors and typography are pulled from the WW palette. 

To avoid things feeling too aggressively on-brand ("too blue"), the photoshoot for the kit's promotional campaign pulled inspiration from some of the original palettes proposed in the FOP designs, particularly teal with highlights of coral. 

The kit was promoted on social and other channels with fun images and animations taken at the shoot. 

The guide was initially designed for print and then later developed into a digital version that members could access on-the-go. 

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