Kulturnatten | Visual Identity

During a semester abroad in Copenhagen, I designed a visual identity for one of the city's most beloved annual events - Kulturnatten (meaning "culture night" in Danish). Kulturnatten is a one-night festival (especially popular amongst children and families) that happens at the end of October and makes use of the participation of over 800 cultural institutions in and around the city - museums, ministries of science, churches, design studios, etc. On the night, these institutions open their doors for a special one-night event/activity that is free for anyone with a "Kulturpas" (culture pass), a pre-purchased badge that allows you to join the array of experiences, including arts and crafts workshops, tours, athletic activities, performances, lectures, food, drinks, and more. Depending on which institutions participate, the events can change from year to year - and so does the visual identity, which covers everything from the promotional posters to the Kulturpas badges themselves. The festival itself is considered a quintessential part of Copenhagen culture and the changing visual identity is always looked forward to. For my design, I wanted it to be fun, colorful, family-friendly, and relevant to Copenhagen's vibrant culture.

The bulk of the identity is formed from a series of illustrated abstract shapes based off Copenhagen's many districts, and a color palette inspired by the city itself.

The shapes can then be applied (in ways that deviate their original formation) to achieve abstract compositions, such as in these "Kulturpasses." The Kulturpas has four versions, one adult pass and three children's passes. 

Every year, the poster design dictates the rest of the identity for the festival. Two differing color options are always made.

Because my identity proposal makes use of Copenhagen's cartography in the design, I incorporated the same illustrative elements in the map/wayfinding for the event program.

An updated social media plan was also suggested to bring in new viewers and participants.

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