Ud+Se Magazine | Publication Redesign

Ud&Se is found on all of Denmark's public trains and one of the most widely circulated magazines in the country. In the brief for the project, something that stood out to me was that the magazine encourages readers to take an issue with them when they leave the train. While the magazine's content was perfectly curated for commuters (short articles and easily digestible layouts that were easy to consume within one short sitting), I felt that the original design lacked any sort of incentive to make someone want to keep the magazine. I wanted to give Ud&Se a more expensive look, something that someone would want to keep, especially if it was free on the train! While most of the content was pre-written and pulled from a previous issue, the feature "Waste Not, Want Not" was an original addition, composed of a series of written vignettes about Scandinavian sustainable design, considering that most people reading would need something that could be read in smaller chunks like the rest of the magazine.

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