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I worked as a designer at WW International, formerly known as Weight Watchers, from 2020 to 2022. As part of a creative team that was fresh off a rebrand and going through a lot of big changes internally, I wore a lot of hats - and I mean a lot. During my time at WW I established myself as a design lead on food and lifestyle packaging, illustration, social member communications, and partnership projects with other brands, such as NewBalance. Here are some of my favorite things I got the opportunity to create. 

  • Our first ever partnership with NewBalance saw the introduction of a "walking kit" available for member purchase that combined a pair of NewBalance shoes with WW gear. I designed the packaging for this kit and companion guide as well as helping oversee broad art direction for the campaign. See the whole project here.

These are some of the initial front of pack explorations for the Get Walking Kit box. Of course the one that ended up getting selected for final build-out was the most conventional and in line with the existing WW brand, but hey, that's corporate!

One of the added benefits of the kit was the inclusion of a digital "walking guide" with program-based tips and info about walking for exercise, such as exercise plans and guides on how to pick the right shoe for you. The design incorporates the angle from the NewBalance logo with the WW color palette and elements from the kit box to create a cohesive look and feel for the partnership.

Selections from a series of bespoke illustrations designed for WW's Science Team, which is composed of the nutritionists, researchers, and psychologists who help design the WW program. These illustrations were used as part of a coach training module to help define complex behavioral science concepts that members should focus on mastering. 

Another example from the Science Team illustration library. The team found that they were having trouble bringing science to the forefront of WW's communications without seeming overly clinical, or worse, confusing. My illustrations were the ideal solution to elucidate some of these broad concepts while also making them approachable and fun to engage with. 

I'd always considered illustration and drawing to be more of a hobby, but when our team's leaders discovered my knack for it they started looking for other opportunities to use illustration in the brand. These characters were designed for an internal-facing video,  intended to represent the diverse and 'colorful' range of WW employees and members. 

The WW Wellness Impact Award is a new initiative founded in 2021 to support WW's goal of providing wellness to all. Nonprofits were invited to apply for a $15k grant which was awarded to 5 winners elected by WW and its members. I worked on the look and feel for the Award's campaign.

We wanted the award identity to feel classic and institutional, so we opted to use WW's secondary brand font, Source Serif, as the headline typeface for the campaign which gave it a more elevated look. In addition to the main logo, several additional seal versions were created, inspired by classic award seals. These seals could also be used for assets featuring winners as a mark of their success.

Due to a lack of imagery and photography available prior to the winners being chosen, we had to get creative with visuals. We developed several custom icons and type styles to help illustrate the topics covered in campaign material, and a unique color palette developed from within the larger WW brand palette to help the campaign feel fresh and spring-appropriate. 

The WW Aromatherapy Sleep Kit is a collaboration between WW and personal care vendor SpaRoom to support the sleep-focused pillar of the WW program. This SKU marked the first of several forays into a new look for WW lifestyle product packaging, departing from our more basic templated style in favor of a unique design that feels premium and relaxation-forward. 

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